LBGD’s Back In The Day
Sire: C-Sultan Claudia Bohemica
Dam: LBGD’S Furiosa Fire
Whelped: May 21, 2023

Call Name: Vintage aka Vinny

OFA Results: TBD once of age.
As of right now, Vintage is a hopeful future prospect.

9 Weeks old

9 weeks old   









Vintage taking Best Baby Puppy in Breed (4–6-month-olds)

5.5 months old second time in the ring. She won Best Baby Puppy in Breed (BBPIB), here she is competing for Best Baby Puppy in Group (BBPIG) which she did not take. However, I am so proud of her and hard she tried even though she was absolutely exhausted at this point.















Pedigree of “Vintage”

Parents Grandparents Great-grandparents

C-Sultan Claudia Bohemica

Zahir With Red Ribbon

Strauss-A Dell’Alto Feudo

Oreo With Red Ribbon
Xi Claudia Bohemica Merlin Claudia Bohemica
Supra Claudia Bohemica

LBGD’S Furiosa Fire

LBGD’s Omen LGBD’s Anarchy
Elektra de Boulieum
Belladonna of Aristokrat Melikor from Demma Dog
Draconia Czar Olbrzyma

Achievements: BBPIB